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If you’re looking for a religious gift that’s also very trendy and fashionable to your loved ones and friends, consider giving them the sideways cross bracelets. With this stylish bracelet they can show their faith to the world.

The simple yet elegant sideways cross bracelet features a cross with gold round beads and stretchable bracelets.

I think wearing the sideways cross bracelet is very timely since the Lenten season is just a few days away. But this fashion accessory can be worn anytime and can be worn as casual or to dress up an outfit for just about any occasion.

Below is a beaded sideways cross with adjustable rope bracelet. To open just pull the ends of the black cord, this bracelet fits just about any wrist size.

I’d like to have some of these bracelets too to add to my bracelet  collection. I find them very nice and affordable as well. Lately, I got interested in collecting all sorts of bracelets especially those made with glass beads. They’re indeed beautiful and comfortable to wear, you can wear them every day. They are fashionable, trendy and an accessory that never get out of style.

I also like this silver sideways cross bracelets, it’s simple and cute. 🙂

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