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A great smile reflects not just your beauty but your oral and overall health as well. The state of your teeth, gums, and lips shows how the rest of your body is doing.

A regular visit to your dentist is highly recommended to maintain good dental health but that is not enough. Having the right dental tools are also important to protect your teeth and gums. Because the enamel of our tooth is as thin as an eggshell we should protect it by using the right toothbrush. Brushing the teeth too hard with a standard toothbrush can damage that enamel which can lead to sensitive teeth and receding gum problem.

I learned about it when I seek for receding gums treatment and did some research about it. My dentist told me to choose ultrasoft toothbrush over the normal soft toothbrush that i used before. He said using ultrasoft toothbrush is best for protecting the tooth enamel and avoiding gum recession.

If you can’t find ultrasoft toothbrush at your local stores, don’t worry you can easily find them from online stores like

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  • Doing Dental care alone, it will be hard and not enough. Therefore, you an expert. Expert that has license to cure you, an expert that has already tested and proven his/her skill. ^_^

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