postheadericon Beautify yourself from within with Rosebud tea

If you have plenty of rose buds in your garden and you’d like to have beautiful skin, then here’s good news for you.

Beautify yourself from within by drinking Rosebud tea. It is warm, soothing and immensely fragrant.

– Roses even skin tone
– Purify complexion
– Excellent emollients
– Refine skins texture
– Contain high level of vitamin C to help the body fight off colds and flu
– Helps to eliminate toxic waste from the bladder and kidneys

INGREDIENTS: Dried Rosebuds

We recommend you use one teaspoon of rosebuds or 1 tea ball per cup for the perfect brew. Best brewed using filtered and boiled water. Allow the tea to brew for approx 5-7 minutes before drinking. Best served hot but can also be had as a summer iced drink. Delicious also with honey.


postheadericon Looking for durable guitar strings

We’ve already changed my son’s guitar strings for about four times already since we bought it. Well, it’s because he and her sisters hand fingers perspires a lot. They do not wipe or clean it after use so what happens is that the strings get rusty after some time. While browsing the  i stumble this nickel plated steel guitar strings. According to its description it’s a “long-lasting strings with warm, clear tone and a smooth, tactile feel”. Sadly, it is not available here in our country and the online store doesn’t currently ship the item in our country as well. :(