postheadericon Gifts for music lovers

It is BER months once again. So when this time of the year comes one thing that usually comes first to our mind is Christmas day. Yes the season of gift giving is already fast approaching so better prepare for it as early as today. If you’re thinking of what Christmas gifts to buy, consider giving your musically inclined loved ones and friends with musical instruments or some music accessories for the instruments they already have. And for those items, you can easily get them thru online stores like  musiciansfriend.con . So why not check out their website now, they have wide varieties of music instruments to choose from. Goodluck. 🙂

postheadericon Fashion Tips: What to Wear with Leggings

Leggings are feet-less tight-fitting clothes. You can find the right cut of leggings for your height because they can stretch anywhere between your knees and ankles. Leggings materials come from various fabrics some of which are made to appear wet or like denim. Leggings should be strategically paired with other clothing and shoes.

• Tunics come in a wide range of fabrics including knit jersey and sweater materials. You can pair your leggings with tunics. A shorter tunic (or shirt) that rests above your hips is more suitable for a gym than a night out. You may choose to wear a belt or just avoid wearing one. Balance the look and dress in matching colors to achieve an elegant look.

• Dress in loose clothing that falls around your knees since they blend well with leggings to expose your legs. Leggings paired with denim miniskirts are a trendy look that brings out a youthful look in women.

• Dress in roomy shirts that fall at the middle of your thighs for best proportions. Also, consider bigger looking silhouette over smaller ones and avoid pairing leggings with skin-tight shirts. For a proportional look, petite women with shorter torsos should pair well fitting shirts with leggings while tall women should cover their rear with longer shirts.

• Leggings pair nicely with a number of shoes. For flats, ballerina is a good choice while booties worn with ankle-length leggings like sofra leggings gives you a rocker-chic look. Alternatively, pair ankle-laced platform espadrilles with cropped leggings to make your legs look longer.

• Dress in outfits that complement the colors of your leggings so that you do not risk drawing attention from your legs to your head. This diminishes lesser stunning features but brings out your best.

How to Wear Black Leggings

Apart from being comfortable and sleek, black leggings hide defects if worn properly.

• Dress in a top that covers your rear whenever you have black leggings on. Long tunics that go past your rear but fall halfway on your thighs also go well with black leggings to give a balanced look. Play around with colors that suit you as black leggings blend well with most colors.

• Your shoes should complement your look. Flat shoes suit a casual look while a pair of leggings and tunic goes well with either pumps or boots.

• Enhance your look further by carrying a trendy handbag and wearing matching jewelry. Consider adding a nice touch with either a scarf or belt but not both.