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My sister is planning to buy a digital piano for her daughter but her concern is where to begin and how to choose from the vast array of choices on the market today. To help her I asked my musician friend and he suggested the Yamaha 95. He also mentioned where we can get the best yamaha p95. He said this digital piano has full-sized 88-key keyboard. It is slim and stylish.

To add more info about Yamaha 95, I also made some research and read some reviews.

Yamaha P95 Features/Specs:

Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard
88 keys
Lightweight with a weigh of only 26 lbs, 7 oz
Dimensions of 52.2in x 11.6in x 5.9in
AWM Stereo Sampling
Maximum polyphony of 64 notes
10 original voices can be setup
2 Built-in speakers
50 Preset Songs
-6 to +6 semi tones transpose
Records 1 song and 1 track
With Reverb

And according to reviews, the Yamaha P95 is a good piano for beginners. By the way, if you also know a good piano keyboards for sale, please feel free to leave a comment here. Thanks! 🙂

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My officemate is selling his Nissan Altima car so i told my friend who’s interested in buying a second hand car about it. However she went to US for a 2 month vacation so she wasn’t able to see the car.

I haven’t seen the car either but my officemate described his car to me. He said his car is equipped with modern lights and a sound set up. It has a chevy cavalier custom floor mats and unique seats because of its Louis Vuitton seat covers.

I searched for images of Louis Vuitton seat covers and this is how it looks like.

Image result for Louis Vuitton seat cover
It has LV initials in the middle which is the same as my nickname’s initials. I like it! It’s like custom made for me. ^_^