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postheadericon Managing cable clutter

Everyone in our house have their own gadgets, plus we have electric appliances and music instruments. Imagine the cables lying in our floor whenever we use them all at once. It’s an eye sore for me. So to put everything in proper place, i bought this white gaff tape.  It is excellent for taping down your cables and protecting other gear as well. It easily pulls off and doesn’t leave heavy tape residue.

postheadericon Themed bingo photo frames using bingo cards

Hi there. So I thought to share with you a frame made by me this weekend using old bingo cards. I got couple of old bingo cards while cleaning in room, so thought of using them creatively.

I took an old bingo card, cut it in the center and pasted a cardboard behind it to make it thick.

Later I used colored papers and pasted them with glue on the four sides of the frame. To customized the frame as per my need, with the help of a scale I exactly made it to 5*5 inches. Once this was done I used another color and pasted it in exactly on the two sides of the frame. Using shiny glues I made bingo balls on the frame.

I got this idea from my favourite site GameVillage Bingo. This is a site where I play bingo in my leisure time. I used colors like pink and purple to make the frame as the site also has the same colors. And the glittering bingo balls on the top would be a remark for all those coruscating games which are offered on the site.

For the frame to stand steadily. I used a thick cardboard piece and cut it in a rectangular manner and pasted it behind the frame. Later, I kept the frame dry for a while. Chose one of my favourite pictures for the bingo photo frame and kept it in my bedroom. Even you can try out something like this and keep it in any corner of your house or office.

You can make collections of such frames and gift them to your loved ones on their anniversary or birthdays. I have decided to make some more pieces of such frames and gift them to my bingo buddies on 9th May 2015 at Durham. Surprised! I will be meeting all my virtual buddies as the site is conducting a player meet. Can’t wait to be there.

Lastly, I made this card as a token of gratitude to my favourite bingo site- GameVillage Bingo which has turned 8 this May.

Even you can come up with such creative ideas and surprise everyone around you by playing bingo online. Try these interesting bingo frames in your free time and decorate it at your home.

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