postheadericon Semi-formal attire

We’re going to have an appreciation night for our church leaders this coming December 13 and i’m still wondering what dress to wear. The theme would be like Oscars but we’re just asked to wear semi-formal attire. Since i couldn’t wear cocktail or short dresses, i’m really having a hard time thinking what to wear. I have a wide leg pants which i think will look like semi-formal but i don’t have a blouse to pair with it. I checked the internet some ideas. So far this is my choice.



postheadericon Online music store 

I have a musician friend who’s very busy with his job and career so due to lack of time, he just check the latest trend in music instruments  Online Only. He has no time to go to shopping malls or music stores that’s why he is really thankful that because of the internet he is still updated. He do some online shopping as well. Aside from selling instruments, these online music stores also offer other services like music lessons, music mentor, music distribution, etc.