postheadericon 5 Tips for Healthier Hair

Hair is one of the first things other people notice about you. So what message does yours send? Here are just five tips for lustrous, luxurious locks.

1. Use the Right Products

If your hair is naturally dry and brittle, find a hydrating shampoo or leave-in conditioner that will keep it glossy and moisturized. If you have curly hair, use specialty mousses specifically designed for ringlets.

2. Lather from the Roots

Don’t gather your hair in your hands and lather it haphazardly. Start from the roots and work your way down, alternating between twists and vertical sweeping motions. This will cover all of your hair without encouraging tangles or breakage.

3. Drink More Water

It may be a cliche, but it isn’t any less true: Drinking water every day will keep your hair healthy and hydrated. It’ll also clear your skin and make your cheeks glow nicely in contrast.

4. Don’t Style Wet Hair

Wet hair is much more vulnerable to breakage than dry or even damp hair. Blow dry it before you start brushing or styling it, and remember to use your diffuser every time. Heat is another one of your hair’s greatest enemies.

5. Practice Before Alterations

If you want to experiment with different cuts, colors or styles but are afraid of the damage you might cause, think about practicing on wigs or even extensions instead. This way you can perfect your new look before ever trying it yourself. Visit sites like to obtain your supplies.

postheadericon Three Pieces of Shapeware Every Woman Needs

When you first hear the term shapewear, you might think of those uncomfortable corsets and pieces worn during the 1960s and earlier. Those pieces looked and felt more like torture devices than undergarments. The newer designs hug your curves, give you the shape that you want and make you look and feel better. While there are a number of new designs, there are three key pieces that every woman really needs.

Bodysuit with Thong


The newer bodysuits feature a sleek design that wraps over your shoulders and ends just above the knee. The bodysuits slim your thighs, make your stomach appear flatter and increase your self-confidence. You’ll also find that you can wear a bodysuit under your regular clothing without it showing through.

Braless Bodysuit with Brief

Control Top Briefs

Even if you exercise regularly, you might still have a tummy that droops a little or isn’t as flat as you’d like. With control top briefs, you can keep your stomach in check and get a flat tummy in seconds. Briefs will fit under everything from your weekend jeans to those khakis and black pants that you wear at work.

Control Brief

Control Slip

Some people say that wearing shapewear under a dress or skirt is a no-no, but those people never saw the newest control slips. Not only do these slips trim your thighs and give you a curvaceous behind, but the slips often won’t show through even the flimsiest and lightweight of dresses and skirts. Shop MeMoi shapeware and other similar sites to improve your body today.