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postheadericon How to dress for a bingo night

Bingo is a game that is really enjoying a huge amount of popularity these days, thanks to the fact that so many people now play the game online. While previous generations may have thought of bingo as an activity for elderly people down at the local bingo hall, many of today’s bingo players may only ever have encountered the game online, and span a considerable age range.

As bingo has now become a game for all ages, if you do go to a bingo hall today, you’ll see that the clientele has gotten much younger there too. This demographical shift is probably because those who have been introduced to the game online want to then experience the game being played in the traditional way, too.

In fact, bingo’s now something that many people will incorporate into a night out with friends – it might be what they do in the early part of the evening before heading on to a bar or a club, or they might make a whole night of it at the bingo hall. If you’ve been invited out to play bingo with some friends, but have no experience of the game, you can learn more about bingo easily online. Many of the sites such as Costa and Vic’s Bingo offer a no-deposit bonus for people who register with them. The no-deposit bonus is a small amount of credit so that you can play the games on the site for free, and decide if you enjoy playing there or not. If you then decide to put some of your own money into your account, you’ll also receive a welcome bonus from the site. At Costa, the welcome bonus is 500% of what you put in yourself, so that’s definitely one worth having!dress

If you’re thinking about what to wear to a bingo night then don’t stress, as when it comes to bingo halls, the dress code is generally that anything goes. You’ll see people in their sweatpants or jeans, or groups of girls dressed up for a big night out. You may also see some players in their suits – stopping off on the way home from work. The focus isn’t what you’re wearing when playing bingo; it’s how quick you can be at daubing the numbers and shouting bingo if you get a full house.

Of course, with online bingo, the dress code is non-existent. You can even play in your PJs if that’s what suits you. Though you can choose to socialise with other players during the games in the online bingo site chat rooms, you’ll only be exchanging typed messages so it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Things may change eventually, if technological changes to bingo sites mean that you are able to stream live bingo games or connect with other people in the chat rooms using a webcam, but for now at least, you’re always invisible when you play online bingo, so wear whatever you’re most comfortable in.

postheadericon Semi-formal attire

We’re going to have an appreciation night for our church leaders this coming December 13 and i’m still wondering what dress to wear. The theme would be like Oscars but we’re just asked to wear semi-formal attire. Since i couldn’t wear cocktail or short dresses, i’m really having a hard time thinking what to wear. I have a wide leg pants which i think will look like semi-formal but i don’t have a blouse to pair with it. I checked the internet some ideas. So far this is my choice.